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Garbage Omelet
   4002 North 4th, Enid, OK   580-233-4663
Wee Too
  Lunch Menu
      Chicken Fry  
  Shrimp     Large Chicken Fry  
  Served on the Dinner (Choice of 3 vegetables)
or A La Carte
  Large Hamburger Steak  
    One Pork Chop  
    Two Pork Chops  
  Mexican Plate (2 Burritos)    
  Chiles Rellenos (2)      
  Combo Plate (2)   Ham and Cheese    
  One Burrito and One Relleno   BLT BLT  
  Above served with Chili, Cheese, Onions, Tossed Salad,
Homemade Rolls or Crackers
  Steak Sandwich  
    Chicken Breast Sandwich  
  - Sour Cream Upon Request -   Grilled Cheese  
        Philly Steak  
    Add Fries  
  Chef's Salad Chef Salad      
  Substitute Chicken   Hamburger Cheeseburger  
  Small Chef's Salad   Bacon Cheeseburger  
  Substitute chicken   Mushroom/Swiss Burger  
  Tossed Green salad   Chili Cheese Burger  
  Cottage Cheese   Hickory Burger  
  Cottage Cheese with Fruit   Double Meat and Cheeseburger  
  Request Extra Tomatoes or Cheese   Patty Melt Double Burger  
    Double Stuffed Cheddar Burger  
      Add Fries  
    Side Orders  
  Chilled Tuna Fish   Onion Rings    
  Served with Peaches, Cottage Cheese, Potato Salad,
Sliced Tomatoes and Boiled Egg
  French Fries or Tator Tots    
    Vegetables (4 oz)    
    Chili Cheese Fries  
  Blackberry Cobbler with Ice Cream